NoGodBand - TAM 2014

Penn’s Private Bacon and Doughnut Rock and Roll Dance Party and Movie Shoot! – 2014

“I Quit My Job, My Job Becomes Hunting You”

(We’re Shooting the Closing Credits/Wrap Party for Penn’s Movie, “Director’s Cut” Before We Even Start Shooting the Movie — How Far Out is That?)

Penn is making a crowd-funded movie called “Director’s Cut.” The credits will roll over the “wrap party” with a song that Penn and Jonesy wrote. It’s supposed to be people who are in the movie and the crowd that funded the movie, all dancing and having a great time. A celebration of a silly movie. Since the movie is under a million bucks, Penn decided to piggy-back shooting this final credit/party scene with his annual private Bacon and Doughnuts Party.

We’re shooting Penn’s Private Bacon and Doughnut Party for Penn’s movie, “Director’s Cut.” If you come into this room, you’ll get free bacon and doughnuts, and free rock and roll, but you also might be in a movie. That’s a bug or a feature depending on who you are. If you want a chance to be in the movie, come on in, and dance your ass off. If you don’t want to be in the movie, don’t come in. It’s that simple. No other choice.

This party is NOT AFFILIATED WITH TAM! The fact that Penn is a good friend of Randi’s and of TAM and the fact that Penn invites SOME PEOPLE from TAM to this party, does not mean it’s a TAM party. None of the TAM money pays for it. This party is not in the style of TAM. There is obscenity, there are strippers of all sexes and there are subjects that aren’t part of TAM’s mission statement. This is Penn’s Private Party. Penn pays for the party, it’s Penn’s private party. Penn will ask people who come to his party to give money to TAM - but he takes no money from TAM.

We’re shooting a crowd-funded movie. The people who are wearing “Director’s Cut” T-shirts are producing this movie. Their money DID NOT pay for the party, that’s all Penn’s money, but their money did pay for Adam Rifkin, our director, and the crew to shoot the party for the movie. People in “Director’s Cut” t-shirts might get special treatment, we love them.

Before we start the real party, Penn and the NoGodBand are going to lip-synch the song, “Love Theme from “Director’s Cut” - I Quit my Job, (My Job Becomes Hunting You)”. Watching a band lip-synch for a movie can be fun, it can also be a pain in the ass. We’d love to have you, but know that there’s some movie-making work to do before the live music starts. It might be a bit boring, but you can still eat bacon and doughnuts during that time.

After the new song is in the can for the movie, we’ll play some live music. We didn’t learn any new songs, so it’ll be songs from last year and Penn hasn’t gotten any better at playing them…and strippers and bacon and doughnuts.

A note from Penn:

This is my private party. In terms of manners, you’ve been invited to my home. If you don’t like me, don’t come to my party. This party is for my friends. Please respect that. We just want to have fun.

I have no desire to offend anyone, at least not tonight. If you are here, I love and respect you. I don’t want to cause you any discomfort. So, if you aren’t just thrilled about being here, please leave -- it’s Las Vegas and a nice hotel, there’s plenty of fun stuff for you to do. The second something offends you, just leave, it’s not going to get better. Just go away. We’ll talk another time. I take no offense with your avoiding my offensive party. Deal?

But, if you walk through these doors, you have given your consent to enjoy all of the above. You’re at my party and I welcome you and love you with all the madness in my heart.

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